The Ghost Galleon - Horror

The title to this movie is way off. They're not really zombies, more like demonic skeletons, and they don't eat anyone's flesh. Whoever came up with this American title must be off his rocker.

But anyway, I liked this movie for the most part. Some death scenes were too long and the acting is bad. However, it does have a nice eerie atmosphere with all the fog and cultish chants. Plus, the skeletons look great.

The boat appeared like it was a toy floating in a bathtub. Obviously, the budget didn't allow for a real ship. But I could accept it. What annoyed me most was the scene where the blonde chick wakes up the mad skeletons. It takes forever for them to finally claim their prey. She does all this screaming for about 5 minutes, then finally loses her head (literally).

But the Exorcist-like ending was good. These guys are invincible!

A more suiting title would be: "Ship of the Evil Dead". So, if you found this title because you're seeking Romero style zombies, keep looking. This film is more about demonic supernaturalism. Very spooky.