The Giant of Marathon (1959) - Action Adventure

This is a feast for the eyes all through with magnificent battle sequences for a finale both at Marathon, on sea and under the sea - the underwater sequences are perhaps the most impressing. The story is somewhat romanticised, a traitor crook is invented as is a beautiful heroine almost being sacrificed, Mylène Demongeot as very young and fair almost adorning the film like a figurehead, which of course makes the film the more intriguing and enjoyable. Steve Reeves doesn't have to act more than just being the total athlete he is, but all the actors are good enough. The music is also well composed and adds to the romanticism, but on the whole, this is a very optimal epic film of classic antiquity, the style is lavish and agreeable all through, and also the drama as such is well composed with an appropriate towering finale, In brief, I found nothing wrong with it.