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The Adventurer (1917) - (Comedy, Short) Charlie Chaplin

There are almost too many pratfalls in this short (then again when is there enough when done right). Chaplin plays a prisoner who escapes (his entrance in the movie is just fantastic on the beach), and is chased for a little while by the guards- as he does daring-do to escape like rushing up a cliff-side or doing a fun way of pulling a gun on someone- and then gets away by helping two women from drowning and is sucked up into their bourgeois existence.

There's barely a beat when a gag is missed, and Chaplin takes every one. It was in the style of the 'Keystone Kops" series where there were chases and chases and more chases, and just lots of variations on gags. What makes it work is that it's gut-bustingly funny, from how he saves the pretty woman and leaves the other woman still drowning until he goes back (or how he knocks the big man back into the water, having to use his big fake beard to pull him out!).

He also uses sliding doors to great usage here. And if memory serves there's even a fun gag involving ice cream! It's nothing brainy, it's just a really fun comic-book like short that utilizes all of Chaplin's physical prowess and his guts, and his timing running up those stairs in the house is one of the most brilliant things out there.